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Natural Dog Food Diet

We explain what a natural dog food diet is and some of the all natural dog food is that that make up a good diet, including the recipe we use and information if buy dog food online you will be educated on the proper dog nutrition.

Those looking for a natural dog food diet will find that all natural dog food helps their pet get the nutrition they need.

What most people don't understand is that commercial foods on the market are filled with 'food stuffs' that your pet doesn't need. This can lead to a number of health problems that can be easily avoided if you feed them all natural dog food.

In the most basic form, the natural dog food diet contains whole food ingredients. It can be meat or green leafy vegetables, just as long as it is fresh and human grade ingerdients. The kind you would feed your family. If you would't feed it to your kids, it's probably not healthy for your dog. Just like many of the foods that are on the shelves for people aren't healthy for people with processed foods.

The Association Of American Feed Control Officials define "natural" as "a feed or ingredient derived solely from plant, animal or mined sources ... not having been produced by or subject to a chemically synthetic process and not containing any additives or processing aids that are chemicall synthetic except in amounts that might occur unavoidably in good manufacturing practices."

Dogs are omnivores, so they need meat and vegetables. Grains are not needed in a dog's diet, because the energy they get from fats and protein are much better than from carbohydrates.

You see grains break down into sugar that can grow yeast, create mucus, and can cause skin allergies, digestive upsets, cancer and skeletal disorders to mention a few.

Foods Your Dog Should Avoid

  • Chocolate
  • Any kind of yeast, including brewers yeast, because it increases problems with allergies.
  • No Sugar. Sugar can increase their chance of cancer. Sugar is made when a canine eats dairy products, grains, molasses and sugar beets.
  • Cooked bones, because they splinter when eaten.

What you will need to be aware of is that certain foods remain dangerous for your pet. This means that chicken and animals with smaller bones should be avoided. If you do choose to give your pet poultry, a boneless breast with skin on it would be the best choice you have.

There is a misconception that dogs must eat raw food. Although wild wolves eat raw meat, dogs are domesticated and so over the years have gotten used to eating cooked meat as it is easier to digest. They can eat raw food, but that's better if they have been living on raw food from a young age. Just like people who do not drink milk as they get older, they lose the enzymes needed to digest the milk. Domestic dogs that aren't used to raw meat don't have the enzymes.

Just like everything in life, there is a debate on whether Raw food is better (just like there are people who eat raw food only). The raw foodists believe raw is better because the heat that is used when making cooked or processed food destroys enzymes and anit-oxidants.

Our preference? We cook the meat for our dogs and they're very healthy. If they eat raw food they get sick.

A natural dog food and natural dog products should contain sources of antioxidant and fiber. A natural dog diet containing phosphorous, maganese, potassium, calcium and proteins are some of the necessary vitamins and minerals for a healthy canine.

All natural dog food is good for the four legged members of the family because they are rich in vitamins such as vitamin E. Vitamin E (an oil) is great for keeping their coat healthy and shiny.

All Natural Dog Food General Rules

  • Serve food at room temperature or not too hot for their mouth or they'll burn their mouth.
  • Only leave the food down for 20 minutes so it is eaten when it is fresh, as meat sitting around will go bad.
  • Give your dogs fresh water daily. You must clean their water bowl out before giving them fresh water, or it would be like you drinking out of a dirty glass.

These aren't the only benefits the natural dog food diet has either. Take a moment to consider some of the other benefits as well. Most people who have their pet on a natural dog food diet have found that their dog smells less and have a softer healthier coat than pets on cheap commercial brands.

Along with this, their digestive system radically improves and the teeth and gums of these animals tend to be healthier than animals on a commercial diet.

A natural dog food diet with natural dog food recipes can help make your dog not as aggressive in their behavior, yet more playful and active.

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