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Paw Wax
Does it work? and Which to get?

Salt, cold and heat.  Paw Wax protects your dogs paws without booties.  

Winter is here.  Bitter cold. Frigid.  Biting.  Freezing.

Whatever you call it, it's not fun.  Especially for your dogs paws.

My dog hates booties.  She went down a full flight of stairs on her front feet only, and has walked on her front feet to avoid her feet with booties from touching the ground!  Some other dog parents I know have had great success with Booties... BUT, there are other options if your dog is like mine.

Paw Wax.

The best and recommended one is Mushers Paw Wax.

Its pretty affordable and can be purchased at most local pet shops and also online at Amazon.  It costs about $20 for 200g.

There are over FOUR THOUSAND excellent reviews on Amazon, giving it a 4.4/5 overall rating.

What does Paw Wax do?

The question is... why should you get it?  

Mushers Paw Wax protects against hot sand, hot pavement, and especially winter cold and salt.   

It also works as a moisturizer and contains vitamin E so that any cracks in your pups paws can heal and keep moisturized, just like our hands that get cracked in the cold winter weather.  

Musher's Secret Pet Paw Protection Wax on Amazon

Can it be licked?

What about your dogs licking their paws?  The paw wax is a natural, non toxic, cream based wax with vitamin E for healing.  Also, it should soak in to their paws so that they don't lick it all off. This should only take a few minutes if you didn't apply too much.  

Does paw wax stain floors and furniture?

Does it stain furniture? No, it shouldn't.  But, remember you don't need to put so much on, a similar amount than if you were to moisturize your hands (or their paws).

Other uses?

Some people have also used it if their dog has a cracked nose to keep it moisturized.  

Get your own Paw Wax today for your dogs Paws.
Musher's Secret Pet Paw Protection Wax on Amazon

If you want to learn what dog jacket I recommend for keeping your dog warm in the cold winter, check out this page on my site.  My jack chihuahua has such difficulty keeping warm, so if you want to know the best winter dog coats, check them out here.  

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