Caring For An Older Dog

An older dog will start showing signs of aging when for one they become more aggressive. They might be suffering from dog arthritis, dental disease, diminished vision or hearing loss.

These symptons can cause you senior dog to become startled very easily as they are not as cognizant as they used to be or they are not as mobile as they once were, and cannot get up and leave a situation they are not comfortable in.

When it comes to senior dog health keeping their weight down is paramount. Overweight canines can start such dog diseases as canine diabetes, joint problems, dog arthritis or their kidneys not functioning properly.

You want to have a good dog nutrition program for the senior four legged member of the family. A leading pharmacutical company has said that 62% of senior dogs (10 years or older) shows some signs of cognitive dysfunction.

Here are some of the signs of cognitive dysfunction:

  • A change in sleeping patterns
  • Not recognizing friends or family members
  • Confusion where your senior dog does not recognize their own backyard
  • Starts to go potty inside the house
  • lack of energy

So what can we do regarding our older canine's health to make them live as painfree a life as normal given their age ?

For starters change their environment when they are getting older which means keeping them out of extreme temperatures because an older dog is not able to regulate their own body temperature as effectively as needed.

We mentioned earlier that dog nutrition is essential in avoiding dog diseases and keeping them healthy but form one dog lover to another I know it is hard, even when they are older, to stop giving them their favorite treat. You want to make them happier even more but it is not in the best interest of the dog, especially harder dog treats that can cause problems with their teeth.

Also keep an eye on the little children from accidentally giving your older canine something they shouldn't.

Make sure that ypur older dog has plenty of cool water. Some older canines have problems getting to the water bowl so either get a bowl that is elevated or place bowls of water in several different places so they can easily get a drink.

Exercise is still a great way to keep your senior dog healthy. A daily walk not only helps in good blood circulation, it also gives them energy from all those good smells they uncover.

Just be conscious that a dog that is thirteen yeard old can suffer the same ailments as a seventy five year old person.

So please look after your older four legged companions as outlined above to help keep them from any dog disease that may shorten their retirement years.

My Old Dog is a site just for senior dogs. Friendly, helpful information on all aspects of older dog care by a senior dog owner.

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