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Natural Balance Dog Food Rolls

Our dogs love Natural Balance Dog food rolls (well, any dog food meat rolls for that matter). It's expensive to feed your dog meat rolls all the time, so we've come up with a neat way for them to savour their treat so it lasts longer!

Lamb 4 Pound RollBeef 4-Pound RollTurkey 4 Pound Roll


You can purchase pig hoofs with meat stuffing such as lamb, chicken or beef. Our dogs love getting all of the yummy stuffing out. Once the've removed the original 'stuffing' and to give the hoofs a second life, we make them pup-sicles!

What we like to do to make pup-sicles is to stuff our dogs favourite chewy treat - the 'pig hoof' with the meat from dog food rolls.

The meat needs to be softened first, this is done by adding water and using a hand-blender, mix it so it's the consistency of lumpy porridge.

Then, stuff this meat mixture in the empty hoof overflowing/ protruding out. Then wrap in mesh or netting (like onion bags) and wrapped with elastic bands and put on tray and then in the freezer for at least 2 days so that it freezes solid.

Remove the mesh and elastics before giving to the dogs.

This makes pup-siscles, and the dogs LOVE them! We give them to our dogs before going to work, so they have a tasty treat while we're away.

These meat rolls are rich in nutrients and energy rolls, are 4 pounds in weight, and equivalent to 10 premium (13 ounce) dog food cans.

These food rolls are economical, convenient and good when traveling and are scientifically formulated by veterinarians and animal nutrionists for high nutrition and healthy skin and coat conditioning.

What makes Natural Balance dog food rolls such an important part of any natural dog food diet are the finest ingerdients that they are made of:

  • Premium meats (excellent source of protein)
  • Dried kelp (excellent source of natural minerals, vitamins and trace elements)
  • Vitamin E, C (for a healthy skin and shiny coat)

Lamb 4 Pound RollBeef 4-Pound Roll
Turkey 4 Pound RollDuck and Potato 1 Pound Roll

Natural Balance dog food rolls can be added to your dog's dry food by chopping, grating or crumbling a portion of the roll to help give them a natural dog food diet.

Here are some of the many ways that meat rolls can help any size or aged canine:

  • Growing Puppies
    • The high palatability of meat rolls make weaning your puppies easier (especially for the picky pup). The rolls provide your youngest members of the family with complete and balanced nutrition.

  • Senior Dogs
    • The older canines start losing their sense of taste and smell, and along with decreased activity, they tend to eat less. The high palatatibility and natural flavor can stimulate the older dogs' appetites.

  • Pregnant And Lactating Females
    • After eight or nine weeks your pregnant canine will need a gradual increase in their food intake and these natural rolls are a great caloric solution for their ever increasing appetites.When your dog is lactating, it is a crucial period for nutrition, espceialy the third through fifth week when their maintenance levels increase threefold during that period. Natural balance dog food rolls are high in nutrients and energy making it a perfect addition to their dry dog food for optimal health.

  • Picky Eaters
    • If your dog has digestive problems or is just a finniky eater, then gradually over one week introduce the rolls into their diet until they get accustomed to it and keep them on if for a healthy natural dog food diet.

    Lamb 4 Pound RollBeef 4-Pound RollTurkey 4 Pound Roll

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