Health Insurance For Dog... You insure the rest of the family right ?

Ever think about health insurance for dog ? Look at all you have insured in your family, and isn't Fido worth cat and dog health insurance ?

Health Insurance For Dog

Just as health insurance is essential for humans, you will find that health insurance for dog can be just as vital.

With the cost of vet bills rising, you will need to be sure that you take a proactive approach to this process and ensure that your pet does end up with the insurance that they need.

After all, the uninsured pet can end up with thousands of dollars in medical bills over the course of a single year. Since many of the types of health insurance for dog can cover the essentials at almost no cost to you, cat and dog health insurance can prove to be vital to have.

77% of vets agreed that dog owners underestimate the cost of treatment for their canines, so 96% of vets think it is a good idea to get health insurance for dog.

There are so many dog health questions, and with vet bills on the rise, it is good to know that there is cat and dog health insurance out there to give us dog owners peace of mind.

When you look at the insurance options you have, you will note that payments directly correlate to the amount of coverage provided.

The most common will be a monthly fee that you pay for cat and dog health insurance. However, there are plans that will allow you to pay annually or semi-annually as well. Keep in mind that while different companies can offer the same plans, certain insurance providers will pay the vet directly, while others will reimburse you after you've paid through a check.

All Inclusive Plans Or Preferred Plans

When you have the all-inclusive plan of cat and dog health insurance, you will find that your pet has the highest level of coverage.

These plans not only cover the cost for basic blood tests and shots that your pet receives, but also this health insurance for dog covers a variety of the following:
  • Accidents
  • Surgery
  • Spay or neuter
  • Dental procedures
  • Annual checkup
  • Kennel fees
  • Illnesses

This type of coverage, if renewed properly, will allow for many claims per year if necessary, and many times throughout their lives for chronic conditions.

The deductible is low, but the premiums start at around $30 a month and can reach around $70 a month for premium coverage.

Since a major incident could occur in the life of your pet without warning, you will want to be certain that you consider this type of cat and dog health insurance.

Third Party Liability Dog Insurance

We all know that our beloved canines are always curious, adventuresome and down right mischevious at times, so you know they are going to get into trouble at some point in their lives.

What happens if Spot bites the next door neighbor's child, or scxratches up the other neighbor's beautiful, expensive front door ? That's right, you as dog owner will be held liable, so we recommend getting third party dog insurance, because dog induced injuries and property damage can get expensive.

Standard Health Plans

When you look at the standard health plans, you will note that these plans cover the essential basics your pet will need like accidents and illnesses up to a certain amount. Wellness coverage and cancer protection are usually an additional fee.

While they do cover accidents, illness and more, you will find that they don't offer the depth and completed coverage than an all-inclusive plan can, but their monthly payment is lower, usually around $16 to $28 a month.

This means that this cat and dog health insurance is for those who do not have as big a budget for an inclusive plan, yet want more coverage than basic coverage.

Basic Health Plans

The basic plan of a cat and dog health insurance policy is the most economical choice you are going to have. These will usually cover vaccinations and physicals as well as minor concerns your pet can face.

In some cases this type of cat and dog health insurance can pay for a portion of major items, but deductibles usually range between $100 and $200 dollars.

Typically the basic coverage doe not provide illness coverage, buth these types of policies start at around $5 a month and can get up to around $13 a month.

Keep in mind that every company you find will have its own unique set of benefits and coverage associated with their plan. What you need to do is take the time to compare not only the cost of each plan you find, but what the coverage will provide assistance on.

By doing this, you can help to ensure that your pet does remain better protected with the health insurance for dogs you select. After all, the goal is to ensure that your dog does end up with the coverage that is going to keep him the safest.

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