Flea Bites On Humans... Get Rid Of Them !

On our flea bites on humans page we show pictures of flea bites so you can see what they look like. We all hear of friends or family members that have these pesky little critters, so our flea bite pictures will show if you need dog flea and tick medicine for the canine of the house.

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Flea Picture

Fleas are always hungry so if they get on your pet then they will probably bite you or someone in your family. Normally people are looking at flea bite pictures in the summer months because that is when the infestation is most prevalent.

The chain of events for flea bites on humans is that your dog gets them, and they bring them into your house. The fleas will migrate to the carpeting, then onto your clothing and next onto your body.

Flea Bite Pictures
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Flea Bites On Humans - Symptoms

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A flea is a parasitic, wingless, bloodsucking insect that usually feeds on animals but will also inflict bites on humans.

This nuisance insect can jump 14 - 16 inches at a time so they can be mobile.

Make sure that your dog does not get kennel cough then go check our our kennel cough page for advice.

These female fleas will lay up to 200 eggs after the first two days of a feeding off an animal or human with their eggs being oval in shape and a lighter color.

When the eggs hatch the larvae puts on it a protective coating, that if they sense vibration or a disturbance, will make the adult fleas come out of their cocoons.

Flea bites on humans are not a pretty thing. There are three types of fleas that will bite humans - cat flea, human flea and dog flea.

Fleas will bite several hundred times a day so flea bite pictures can look nasty. You can tell if you have been bitten by a flea if you see a small bump on your skin with a hole in the middle and red around the bump. And it also is ithcy.

You will want to look at your legs and waist for flea bites as they use their bristles to work upwards on your body. Go and see our video on what flea bites look like to see if you have been bitten by fleas.

Flea Bite Pictures
Get Our FREE Flea Bite Pictures Ebook To See If You Have Been Bitten

Another bug that we want to keep away from the family members is the tick. Yuk, these nasty little nuisances can latch onto your canine or a family member and start taking your blood.

Go to our dog tick diseases page to find out more on what a tick can do to the four legged members of the family.

A more well known disease derived from a tick bite is Lyme Disease . Please go to our Lyme Disease page to find out more details of this disease because it must be taken seriously.

Like most insect bites it depends on the person as to what type of reaction they will encounter.

There are numerous parasites that love our canines, so check out our dog parasites to see if your dog might have those nasty critters, or learn how you can avoid your dog catching them.

So most likely if you have been bitten by fleas then the pictures of flea bites are pretty accurate but there are some that do not become affected by flea bites.

Video On What Flea Bites Look Like

Flea Bites On Humans - Treating The Bites

1. Keep the affected are clean by using an antiseptic soap or lotion. It is better if you clean it with colder water, as warm water can stimulate the itching.

If you feel your canine has something wrong, then go and look at our dog illness symptoms to see if there really is something wrong with your canine.

2. As hard as it seems sometimes, DO NOT SCRATCH the area that is inflammed because it can lead to secondary infection and open wounds, which only slows down the healing process.

3. Apply a cold pack to reduce any swelling

4. To try and get relief from flea bites right away you can use 1% hydrocortisone cream which is available at any pharmacy without a prescription. You can aslo try calamine lotion to reduce any inflammation.

5.If the itch gets to be unbearable, then try an oral dose of an antihistamine like Dimetapp so you can accelerate the healing process.

You want to give your canine a bath if they do have fleas and this oatmeal with aloe shampoo will clean their skin while it heals and moisturizes their irritated skin.

Great for dogs with sensitive skin. Plus, It is 100% natural, bio-degradable and cruelty free.

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