Dog Worm Types

Dog worm types or dog parasites are listed in this page along with dog heartworm treatment and dog worm medicine. Dog worms like dog heartworm can be fatal without a proper dog heartworm treatment.

Our canines are susceptible to all dog worms so frequent fecal exams and dog worm medicine like dog heartworm medicine can prevent dog parasites.

Prevention of dog worms is necessary not only for the four legged members of the family, but for the two legged members as well. The people who live with the dog that has dog parasites can also catch the dog worms their canine has.

So here are the most common dog parasites:

  • Roundworm

  • This is the most common dog parasite and are prevalent in puppies as they become infested in utero, through transplacental transfer from a mother who has ringworms.

    This type of dog worm is slender like a spaghetti noodle and can be found in the feces of an affected dog with this type of dog worms or via a veterinarian fecal exam can find roundworm eggs.

  • Heartworm

  • This is one of the dog parasites that can be fatal. This dog parasite is spread via a misquito and lives inside the muscles of the heart.

    Diagnosis of this type of dog worms is via a blood test by a veterinarian. It is vital to get your dog on some dog worm medicine called heartworm medicine, that helps prevent the dog from catching these dog worms.

    If they do have heartworm then the dog heartworm treatment can be traumatic to your canine and is a fairly involved veterinary process.

  • Tapeworm

  • Dog worm types like tapeworms are transmitted by fleas. If your canine is infested then you will see egg sacks (which look like grains of rice) around their anus that might be moving.

    To get rid of this type of dog worms the dog worm medicine prescribed by your veterinarian will do the trick. Regular deworming medication will not get rid of these dog parasites.

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