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Dog Owners Handbook : FREE

A dog owners handbook is just what you need help in raising your four legged companion.That is why Dogs Are Family is giving you this dog raising guide FREE that is full of tips to make sure your canine is being raised properly.

There are so many types of dogs, whether it is one of the many small dog breeds all the way up to the extra large dog breeds, a good reference manual like the handbook is essential in making your dog a special part of the family.

So jump right in and fill out the following form and we will send you via email the handbook free of charge.

The Dog Owner Handbook has answers to these questions and many more :

  • What type of dog interests you ?
  • What dog breed is best for my family ?
  • Need a good breeder ?
  • Do I wany a mutt or a purebred ?
  • Should I get an adult dog or start with a puppy ?
  • How do I housebreak my puppy ?
  • What are some good dog training tips ?
  • My dog is overweight so what am I doing wrong ?
  • Does my dog have allergies ?
  • When are vaccinations needed ?
  • What human foods are dangerous for dogs ?
  • My dog is showing signs of illness but how do I know ?
  • . . .and many more !

  • The questions go on and on but the this Handbook can give you valuable insight to the many questions that come with raising your beloved canine.

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Dogs are not only a great part of the family they also serve many useful purposes as service dogs, police dogs and watch dogs to name a few.

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