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Dog Health Vomit

Dog health vomit or dog vomit can mean a sick dog, but not necessarily, because sometimes dogs just eat disgusting food that they throw up. Find out many reasons why your dog is vomiting.

To see if you have a sick dog becaue they dog vomit then we must first look at why a dog will vomit and determine if your canine has one of the sick dog symptoms or just ate part of dad's shoe, or something disgusting.

Here are some of the most common reasons regarding dog health vomit that will help determine if you really have a sick dog.

  • Something They Ate ?

  • Check if your canine has gotten into the garbage (they love to but it is a no no) or if they started chewing on a shoe, table or whatever suits their fancy. Chances are if they were chewing on something, they will ingest it.

    See if they are missing any toys because dogs will chew their toys and eat them if you are not careful.

    One of the common causes of dog vomit is when your dog eats grass. This is usually not a sick dog symptoms, unless they ate some grass that has recently been fertilized or sprayed with some pesticide. If this is the case then call your vet for further dog health vomit instructions. Usually dogs just eat grass to purge themselves.

  • Did Your Dog Eat Too Fast ?

  • If your dog is anything like our Patches, then he eats WAY TOO fast! He eats EVERY meal like it's his first meal. Many dogs get excited when it is time to eat and some will eat so fast it's as if they've inhaled their food... but this vacuum eating can lead to an upset tummy and is not one of the symptoms of a sick dog.

  • Did your dog Exercise right after eating?

Another problem is if they eat and then run around and exercise right after eating a meal. To fix this, wait until they return from their walk to feed them, and then before bedtime, take them out to go to the toilet. Or, feed a small amount before the walk and feed some after the walk. In the wild, dogs exercise and then eat their food and relax. (similar to not swimming after eating).

  • Is your dog hungry?

Sometimes people get nauseous if they are hungry, well... surprise surprise, dogs are the same! We have had two dogs that vomited when they were hungry. Misse would always throw up if she got fed later than her normal eating time. Foxy Red will up-chuck when she is on a diet and getting less than her regular food amount.

It is best to feed your dog 2 smaller meals a day. One meal a day isn't enough food.

  • Is your dog sneaking in more meals?

Our dog daisy loves to eat! She will always try and steal other dogs dog food, but she can't eat too much or she gets sick. So, she has to be watched very carefully at meal time so she doesn't steal the other dogs food.

  • Did your dog just get some medication ?
  • Another cause of dog health vomit is if they have recently received some medication. Here are some of the medications that can trigger dog vomiting include Pain Relievers and Antibiotics.

    If your dog has problems with medicine, make sure know the medical side-effects before you leave the vet and if your dog has any changes take them to vet as soon as these symptoms appear.

  • Foreign Body Obstructions
  • In real world language, this means that your dog has eaten something that has blocked part of it's digestive system- such as shoe laces, large pieces of rawhide (with adult dogs), parts of a shoe, leather pieces (from a jacket perhaps), strings or garbage. The foreign object then makes it into their stomach or intestines where it is too big to continue and is made from material that doesn't break down in their stomach acids. Our dog Lily would always eat shoe laces, and sure enough, a few hours later we would find a pile of vomit mixed with laces. We were lucky that nothing serious happened to her.

    This can become very serious if, for example, they eat some string and it gets wound up inside their intestines and causes a blockage and can become a serious problem (even leading to death). They'll may stop eating, look uncomfortable, stop pooping and many other symptoms. Take your pet to the vet immediately if this could be the problem.

  • Serious Dog Health Vomit Symptoms

If you notice some of the following symptoms along with your dog vomiting, take them to the vet immediately.

Shaking and vomiting

Blood in Vomit (looking like coffee grouts, or red blood)

Panting before or after vomiting.

You think they may have eaten something that is poisonous such as chocolate or poison.

Always follow your insticts. If you think it's serious, then it probably is. If its a one time vomit of froth, then it's probably not a big deal.

Better to be safe than sorry.

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