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Dog Food Recall List

Our dog food recall list will help you compare dog foods so you can give your own dog food ratings on what you think is good enough for the dog in the family by doing a dry dog food comparison.

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If you are a pet owner and love your dog, the worst thing you want for it is to have it eat dog food that is no longer safe.

If you own a dog, the best way to stay abreast of any problems with the food that you buy for your dog and feed it is a dog food recall list.

This is particularly necessary for any dog owner to do, especially if you consider the fact that in just the past few years alone, there have been a multitude of dog food brands that have recalled certain products within their brands. So compare dog foods before buying.

This will directly affect the dog food ratings of any brand that has had a dog food recall. So make your own dry dog food comparison by the ingredients and any dog food recalls from the manufacturer.

Here is information on all of the dog food brands and types that have been recalled in just the last few years.

2007 Dog Food Recalls

2007 proved to be a bad year for dog food, and one of the brands heavily involved was ChemNutra. In 2009, its owners plead guilty to charges involving melamine-tarnished pet food that destroyed thousands of dogs.

2009 Dog Food recalls

In 2009, Nutro announced that an accident occurred that led to portions of melted plastic getting into their dry dog food. While this was an accident, it still led to a voluntary withdrawal of puppy dog food by the company from the market.

Next in this dog food recall list is the November 2009 recall of Wysong Dog Food. The company discovered mold in some parts of its manufactured dog food. These recalls should factor into your dog food ratings

2010 Dog Food Recalls

In early 2010, it was Nature’s Variety that had to recall dog food that included chicken medallions, chubs and patties. This dog food recall was expanded across the U.S.

In summer of 2010, Natural Balance Pet Foods Inc. issued a dog food recall that related to its Sweet Potato & Chicken Dry Dog Food.

This dog food recall list will now talk about July 2010’s recall of Eukanuba and Iams’ Specialized as well as Veterinary Formula Dry Dog Food warnings. These dog food recalls were based on fears that they were contaminated with some salmonella.

In August of 2010, Beef Filet Squares and Texas Hold’ems by Merrick were recalled because of, again, fears of possible salmonella infection.

In September of that year, the Hartz Mountain Company recalled its Hartz Naturals Real Beef Treats due to a potential salmonella health hazard, which is why this news has a place on this dog food recall list.

October 2010 brought with it a recall by Blue Buffalo for concerns over potentially exorbitant levels of vitamin D in its dry dog food.

In December 2010, the grocery company Kroger recalled its Kroger Value and Old Yeller Chunk Dog Food due to potential contamination from aflatoxin.

2011 Dog Food Recalls

2011 saw six dog food recalls: Merrick recalled its Jr. Texas Taffy Pet Treat; Jones Natural Chews Company recalled its Pig Ear Dog Chews; the Keys Manufacturing Company, Inc. recalled its Pig Ears for Pet Treats; Blackman Industries Inc. recalled its Pig Ear Dog Chew; Boss Pet Products recalled its Pig Ears for Dogs; and Bravo recalled its Pig Ears Dog Chews.

Due to all of these recalls, it’s obvious why you need a dog food recall list if you own a dog. Check back often to find which other dog food products have been recalled so you can compare dog foods and make your own dog food ratings.

Check out news on recently recalled food at, which also includes information on dog food recalls. 

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