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Dog Annual Checkup
... Do Not Put It Off Any Longer

Do not put off the dog annual checkup, because it is unhealthy for your dog. Regular vet visits can help avoid symptoms dog illness, so ask a vet anything if you have dog health related questions.

Are you putting off a trip to the vet for the furry kid in the house?

Once, ready and waiting for a friend at the airport, I saw a lot of people coming and going.

There was a couple I found most interesting. They had just got back from an exotic island and were anxious to see their "son".

“How is the boy ?”

“Did he catch some Z's?”

“Did he eat OK?”

“Where is the boy?”

When the “son” was brought in it turned out to be a rather emotional Pomeranian, which made us wonder why we weren't more astonished.

Then we recollected that it is common for dog owners to consider their dogs as children, or at the very least a member of the family. I know i'm one of those people! In that respect, there is nothing wrong with how we think of our canines. They are a big part of the family.

The problem is that it frequently doesn't correlate into proper preventative treatment. For example, with old man winter waiting in the wings for what could be a long winter, a lot of us are informing each other to go to their doctor's office for a flu shot, and while we are there, we might as well get our annual checkup.

Canines need annual medical checkups too.

So, thousands of professional vets agree that a dog annual checkup is five to seven times more crucial to canine health than annual check ups for people. This is because a dog's maturation rate is five to seven times quicker than people. A dog that is one year old has aged as much as their owner would in nearly 15 years. So, an annual check-up for your dog is like a check up for a person every few years.

A lot of canine owners do not take their family dog to a veterinarian until they observe that something is wrong. Their puppy will not eat, or they are constantly sleeping, or they cannot stop biting those around them. When Fido goes to their dog annual checkup, you can ask any pressing questions you might have about dog health in general, or about things that you are concerned about with your dog.

Likewise, keep in mind that dogs are subject to numerous concealed health risks, just like people. Dogs get arthritis, tumors, kidney problems, heart trouble, etc. If a dog annual checkup is done, a lot of these problems can be avoided, or caught at an early stage where they are more easily treated.

Is a visit to the vet so bad ? Some are inclined to think that it will take a whole day and is very expensive. On the contrary, it usually lasts an hour and is not that expensive, especially if you avoid any dog health problems by being proactive. Dog annual check-ups are generally around $100-200 (depending on your vet, and location), but you dog will get all their vaccines updated to keep them healthy and prevent these illnesses.

How does a check-up at the vets work?

First off, you will need to have your dog step onto a large floor scale to get their weight, usually before you see the doctor. The vet will use a stethoscope to listen to their heart and lungs, an otoscope to check out their ears, and an ophthalmoscope to look into their eyes.

Your dog’s dental health is very important so they will check their teeth and gums (dogs can get pyorrhea/ bad breath) - (this is why brushing your dogs teeth is important), and also check their coat, pulse and temperature.

They will also usually give your dog it's annual vaccines and see if he or she needs flea or heartworm treatment.

You can also ask any pressing questions that you might have.

Some canines love going to the vet because they get to look and smell all those great smells from the other dogs that have visited, while others are absolutely terrified. I once witnessed a dog go into severe seizures because it was so afraid and it's condition was instigated by it's fear. Other dogs have accidents on the floor.

You will want to have the same vet give your dogs checkups, so they become familiar with your dog which adds more insight into each checkup, so they notice if something is out of the ordinary.

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