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Choosing A Vet
... advice to find a good one ?

Excellent advice on choosing a vet. Questions to ask at annual check-up, and what to look for in your dogs doctor.

So how does someone go about choosing a vet ? What should they ask a vet for their dog annual checkup ? We will shed some light on these very important questions.

Why a good vet is important?

Having had several vets for our dogs, a good vet is very important for your peace of mind and your wallet. We found that sometimes we would take our dog to the vet and they would overcharge us for very simple procedures. In our opinion a good vet is fair in their pricing and their procedures.

For example, there is no need to get tonnes of expensive cancer testing for an old dog that just needs to tumer removed. Or, we had a pet that needed to come in for regular 5 minute check-ups. Many vets will charge full price for each and EVERY visit, but our vet, being fair didnt' charge everytime, cause our visits didnt' take up alot of their time.

A good vet is one that is fair, honest and sensitive to your pet and your needs. Plus, you need to trust their diagnosis.

How Do I Find The Right Vet for My Dog ?

Remember that you as the dog owner are ultimately responsible for your dog’s health. So the first step in making sure your dog stays healthy is choosing a vet that can give the proper veterinary care and attention.

In first choosing a vet, you want a relationship with that doctor to be open and honest, keeping the dog’s health as the top priority. Getting to know your vet’s work ethic, their point of view, can lead to trusting your vet more with the care needed for the four legged member of the family. Open communication and an open mind are important factors that need to be established for a successful veterinarian relationship.

What I also look for in a good vet is their compassion for my animal. Do they truly enjoy dogs, or do they see each and everyone of your visits as are another dollar sign ? Dogs can sense when someone is rough or even afraid of them, which will make for some nasty doctor’s visits (and make your dog afraid of vets forever after).

One of the key roles a vet can play in keeping your dog healthy is to apply prevention treatments, so your dog does not catch kennel cough, diaherra, heartworm, etc. A lot of people only look at the veterinarian as the solution to a specific dog health problem, when being proactive can help reduce the common dog health risks.

What Exactly Does A Vet Do ?

The role of a veterinarian is to keep your dog healthy as can be, for as long as possible. As a dog owner, you should tell the vet what you are seeing in your canine, and partner with that doctor to keep your dog healthy.

A good vet will explain all that they do as far as what their checkups consist of, what types of medication they will prescribe for what possible health risks, and always being upfront and honest with you at all times. A good vet will not make this process a one sided relationship, because they must ask questions on your dog’s past to be able to avoid any health issues. The vet will give you all their options, but you as the dog owner must make the decisions, some of which can be very tough, but that is a dog owner’s responsibility.

The old school vets were more dictators in their practices, standing on authority, on which a pedestal is not a good base to build a mutual relationship between doctor and patient. A good vet will instruct you on certain foods, exercise regiments, and social skills necessary to have your dog lead a healthy life.

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