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Best Puppy Food :
What is recommended across the country?

Find out what the recommended best puppy food is from multiple pet stores across the country. From Raw food, specialty food to regular kibble brands.


To do this, I have decided to help you with finding the best food for your new baby dog.   Since there are SO many dog food options out there, I decided to call up several pet stores in Canada, and asked them what they recommended.

First off, they suggest you keep your puppy on the same food that your puppy is already on (as long as it’s agreeing with their belly).  But, these are some good foods that were recommended, so that you can check these out to start instead of looking at EVERY brand out there!!!


Overall, the best puppy food brands that are recommended by several stores are:

Fromm, Wellness,

Acana, NOW! , Orijen


Keep reading to find out which stores recommend which food.  And other good foods that you might like to try, but never though of such as raw food diets.


Global pet foods  (in London Ontario) had 4 top pet foods:

1)   Vorizon complete puppy food

2) NOW! puppy

3)   ACANA – has puppy food

4) Fromm

They said that it really depends on price point and what you’re looking for. Fromm , Orijen, Go, NOW!, Vorizon, are the most popular, and have puppy formulas, so then you can switch to the adult version as your puppy grows. It really depends on the different needs for different dogs.

Pet Food and More (Vancouver, BC) their recommended puppy food brands:

1) Canidae - Pure – better line, or Merrick,. They do have grain, beet root and vegies, which are good. Plus, they also offer grain free lines. 2) Summit – made by (also make NOW! and Go) – have no rendered meats, and are a good quality food. It is a more expensive food, but still very good, and quite holistic. This was the person I talked withs favourite brand.

3) Champion – makes Orijen and Acana – great reviews. People have said that the protein amount is very high (and fat too), so may be harder for some dogs to digest, but it is good for very active dog.

4) Orijen – is a whole prey diet- same kind of stuff as in the wild – (it’s actually by-products –but, a nicer way to say this).

K9 Couture (Toronto, ON) specialize in Raw and organic food mostly, they suggest the best puppy food to be:

For medium to large size puppies, they suggested specialty puppy foods such as

NOW! Fresh Designed for puppies, but also for adults. It is 100% grain free, 100% fresh ingredients (not frozen). They have Turkey, salmon and duck choices of meat.

For smaller puppies, they recommended: 

Wellness Small Breed Puppy - the small breed puppy formula.

Fido and Felix foods (in Regina, SK) specializes in raw food mostly, and suggest: 

They recommend raw food for dogs and these were the brands they suggested:


Mountain dog food – most popular brands- quality value for the dollar. 


Carnivora- – most popular brands- quality, good value for the dollar. 


Petsmart (In Victoria, BC) suggested:

They said that depending on what the puppies been on, it should stay on the same puppy food that it’s been eating.  I you don’t know what food, or want to change, then she would suggest:

Petsmart brand - Simply Nourish for puppies


Wellness for puppies (USA based)- it is super healthy, with extra protein and nutrients for puppies.

Bark N Scratch (In Toronto, ON) suggested: 

Recommended Canadian brands:

ACANA  -  it is decently priced, and their top recommendation.  It uses steel oats and has a good make-up in the food.  There is also a ACANA wellness option too. Offers a grain free line if you want to keep grain out of your dogs diet.

Orijen Puppy Dry Dog Food – well priced. Also offers a grain free line. Good food.

Recommended American based, puppy foods were:


Holistic Select


Tail Blazers (In Calgary, AB) a health food for dogs store, recommended: 

Recommended Kibble brands:





This store specializes in raw food, and so recommended:


Arusha – best quality and most expensive.  All hormone free, grain fed animals, adds salmon oil, barley grass… and many supplements.

Horizon Legacy – better price point. Complete raw dinners. For a complete meal, it needs meat. bone and organ.


Pet go raw

Pet Value (in Chatham, ON) thought that these were good brands: 

Performatrin (Pet Value brand) - chicken is the only protein source… so, if your dog develops allergies, you can narrow down the protein source if that is causing the allergy..


Chicken Soup for the Puppy Lover's Soul – it’s a multi protein- if develops an allergy, you won’t know which protein it is allergic to.

Conclusion of Best puppy food :

Many stores also offer a puppy starter kit, where you can get coupons, deals, and treats and a great price! 

The puppy starter kit- extra treats, save $$... so look for puppy deals!  Additional coupons.


Overall, the best puppy food brands that are recommended by many stores are:

(click the links below to purchase now)



Orijen Puppy Dry Dog Food




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