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Cure Bad Dog Breath with
Orabrush for dogs!

Dog breath, cure dog breath


 Bad Dog Breath… eew, now there’s a cure!  Orabrush for Dogs: Orapup!


They say that a dog’s mouth is cleaner and has less bacteria than a human’s mouth!  This is hard to believe sometimes, considering all the disgusting food that they eat (or really want to)!  

Maybe you’ve tried those denta-bones, or rawhides… which only leave your dogs breath smelling like dead rawhide, or the same as before. Perhaps you’ve tried brushing their teeth, or even BRUSHING their tongue!  All with no luck. 


We all know that the major cause of bad breath in people is when they don’t brush their tongue.  You need to brush your tongue to get rid of all the dead bacteria.


Well, the makers of people tongue brushes – Orabrush, have come out with a dog one, called Orapup!


This is only just new on the market now though, so they’re taking orders for the first round, and then they’ll start production.


It’s super easy, and the dogs love it!


How the Orapup works:


A gravy-like human-grade liquid is poured over a small part of the brush.  Then the dog loves the taste and licks the brush, and thus cleaning their tongue brushing all the disgusting bad dog breath away.  The brush is even designed so that the dog licks with the largest part of their tongue. This leaves you with great puppy breath,  so now you can fully feel happy kissing your pup without smelly breath.


A bit on Brushing your dogs teeth.

Remember, just like people, even if you have a clean tongue, it is important to clean your teeth to prevent plaque, gingivitis and sore gums.  Our dog Patches comes to the bathroom every evening so that he can have his teeth brushed.  To clean them, you start by not even brushing.  Just get them used to having your hand near their mouth.  Then put a finger in their mouth, so it’s not scary.  Then use toothpaste with your finger on their teeth, eventually moving to the toothbrush with toothpaste, and doing it for longer.  If you start brushing your dogs teeth when they are young so they get used to it and even learn to love it!


Be one of the first to order Orapup – orabrush for dogs!

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