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10 Best Dog Food :
Learn what dogs Love!

You’re here to learn what are the 10 best dog food!   This is a difficult question, but I’ve done my research to answer this for you!  It’s like asking what the top 10 human foods are… not an easy question.  Are they kids?  Picky eaters?  Sensitive stomachs?  Where are they from? Etc…

So, I decided to phone different dog food stores, from the big box stores, to the small dog food boutiques with specialty dog food and see what THEY had to say!

If you want to do research on your own, a great way to research dog foods yourself is through the Petsumer Report.

This gives you updated information on many pet foods. It informs you of which companies use quality human grade ingredients instead of rotting meat and mouldy vegetables. Does your dog food get 5 paws?

I phoned several pet food stores to see what they suggested as the most popular and tastiest 10 best dog food.

Most palatable and tastiest 10 best dog food

I first phoned Growlies Pet food in Victoria BC.  They sell only raw, freeze dried, or canned.

When asked what they suggested for a picky eater.  The lady at the store didn’t even suggest any brands that they sold. This really impressed me!


Instead, she suggested trying cooking up some chicken or whatever meat and cook that up.  Kibble is bland, and dry.  (who would really like that anyway?).  Real food has more enzymes, is much tastier.    She suggested looking for homemade dog food recipes (such as the one on this site).  She also suggested to perhaps try raw food, but that you should try cooked first, and making your own dog food.    

What great ideas! 

She also suggested a raw food diet as an idea.



I then phoned a Pet Value store in Dartmouth Halifax.  This was to find out typical regular and easy to find dog food brands that are suggested. 


The lady was superhelpful, and said that dogs have different taste buds, so the dog food that they will like depends on your dog.   However, she gave MANY suggested top 10 dog food.


1)   Performatrin (a pet value brand) Her top suggested is their grain free formula: Performatrin ultra grain free.  She sees many dogs on it and they seem to really love it.  Performatrin ultra also has other options and flavours you can try with your dog.

2)   Petcurean – makes several great high quality dog foods that are Made in Canada!  These include: GO! – she suggested that this is a very popular brand with many flavours and forumulas, such as for allergies or sensitivities or skin issues (ex. Salmon is for dogs with dry skin, or wanting a better coat).

3)   Petcurean – NOW FRESH– excellent selection of high quality dog food. Very fresh ingredients, next to feeding a wild diet…

4)   Blue – this food is very popular in that particular store  and offers many flavours.

5)   Natural Balance – very high quality food.  Good thing is that if they have any allergies, they have limited ingredient diet, and also grain free, so you can figure out what is bothering your pups allergies.  Plus they also have Vegan and Vegetarian formulas!

6)   Taste of the Wild offers several different flavours.

7)   Wellness – another good brand, many flavours as well.




I also called a Natural pet food boutique store in London Ontario, A Village Tail.   The lady was SUPER helpful and gave me some other, less common suggestions ( not quite 10 best dog food, but great suggestions).



1)  Oven baked tradition - a baked dog food, which is more crumblier and tastier.  (dog food is usually cooked by extrusion which means that it’s super hard and crunchy).  Oven baked tradition is very well liked.  She said that her dog loved this food so much that when she fed it to her dog, it growled the whole time it ate!


2) Fromm – 4 star line.  Their grain free line is particularly liked.  Very good food.


3)  Natures variety – instinct line – raw boost. – grainfree


4)  Also can add – Natures Variety - raw daily boost to their regular food to make it taste tastier.  Raw daily boost is frozen raw complete meals which you add to kibble.  It is ground up so you can sprinkle over your dog food.



If you want to do more research, a great way to research dog foods yourself is through the Petsumer Report.

This gives you updated information on most pet foods, plus letting you know which companies use quality human grade ingredients instead of rotting meat and mouldy vegetables. Does your dog food get 5 paws?


Is your dog a fussy dog?  Is there a favourite food they like?  Perhaps, you’ve just found a fantastic food for your dog… share it here!


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